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My family Doctor helped me to manage my diabetes and loose weight.

Best family Doctor


Wow, it’s amazing that my health and energy has improved so much. You really helped me get control of my BP and other conditions.


I’m finally feeling like the medicine is working, thanks to the reliable treatment of my doctor.


These Doctors know me and my family Health so well, feels like they know me since birth.. LOL!


If it wasn't for Family Doctors online, I wonder how I would have managed to settle in new city with a new-born.


That's amazing, I can have a 3 way video consult with my Father and Doctor!


Whoa, Thank God Doctor! You helped me realize this surgery is not needed currently.


I am relived everything is fine

Take care Drake!

Thank you Doctor


Family Doctor

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Life = Sorted!!!


There’s always an open ear no matter how minor or major my healthcare questions may be.


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Speak to a doctor for all your urgent care needs

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Get treated in the comfort of your own home

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Ambulance at your doorstep within 20 minutes of emergency

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Our family doctors coordinate all aspects of your care cycle across borders

  • Connect within minutes
  • 3-Way Audio and Video Consults
  • Investigation Tests
  • Specialist Consults
  • Prescriptions & Recovery Tracking

Speak to our trusted doctors anytime 24/7, so you can start feeling better, faster

Dr. S Jayaram
MD Internal Medicine

Dr. Nisha Parekh
MBBS, Family Doctor

Dr. Mohinder Ratti
MBBS, Family Doctor

Dr. Daniel D'Mello
MBBS, Family Doctor

A connected healthcare eco-system

At Connect and Heal, we bring people, their doctors, data, and benefits together under one connected health care eco-system partnering with employers, care providers, diagnostic centers and emergency care providers to provide concierge care.

250+ Captive Clinics

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250+ Captive Clinics

2000+ Ambulance Network

Radiology and Diagnostic Network

Empanelled Clinics

Get to know our subscription plans

Get to know our subscription plans

Provide your loved ones access to a trusted family doctor, be prepared for all medical emergencies and save on your health care expenses

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